1000 annual UFO sightings in Scotland


Photo credit: GrahamandDairne


A UFO expert has claimed that there are around 1000 reported sightings in Scotland every year, and the number is rising.

Malcolm Robinson, founder of Strange Phenomena Investigations, said that the country experiences an unusual amount of unexplained activity in the sky.

“There are natural explanations for 95 per cent of them, around three per cent are test aircraft and sometimes there is rare atmospheric phenomena,” says Robinson.

“It’s my job to unmask frauds and prove to sceptics that this is reality,” he added.

Bonnybridge has been identified as a particular hotspot. Robinson has worked with former councillor for the town, Billy Buchanan, since the 1990s.

The pair have sent letters to every Prime Minister since John Major to request an inquiry into the goings on—so far, there has been no response.

“Sightings are on the rise and I am certain the British Government know what is going on,” said Robinson.

“They have information they aren’t willing to share. The $1million question is, ‘Where are these objects coming from?’” he continued.

Strange Phenomena Investigations was founded by Robinson in 1979. He has since published a book ‘UFO Case Files of Scotland.




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