‘Blood-tasting’ inspired by UK academic

Photo Credit: Andrew Kuznetsov

A UK lecturer specialising in vampires may have inspired real-life blood tasting at a Welsh university, an employment tribunal has heard.

The accusation was made by another academic, Helen Coleman, who is taking action against Glyndwr University for workplace stress.

Coleman claimed that a student reported to her that someone had ‘licked up’ their blood, following a class  by psychology lecturer Dr Emyr Williams.

The strange allegations were part of a hearing before Coleman’s tribunal in September 2017.

Georgina Calvert-Lee, Coleman’s barrister, said: “This is an extraordinary case. We have never dealt with anything like this before.”

“The case is at a very early stage. Papers have been lodged and the first hearing is due to take place next month, which will set the timetable for the full tribunal,” she added.

Williams is a specialist in the psychology of religion and has previously  co-authored a study on the history of vampires. He has also previously called for real-life vampires to ‘come forward’ and take part in the first UK survey of the phenomenon of vampirism.


Whilst he does not identify as a vampire himself, Williams is also said to have offered to introduce students to a community of ‘real-life vampires’.

Speaking of real-life vampires,  he said:

“We are talking about a group of individuals who believe they have a psychological need to consume blood. I’m trying to find out about those people who genuinely think they are vampires and genuinely live that lifestyle. I genuinely don’t believe it is linked to mental illness or madness,”

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