Video: UFO Flies Past US Capitol Live on Fox News

A UFO has been captured on a live Fox News broadcast, as it flew over the United States Capitol building in Washington.

A witness from Rolling Meadows, Illinois, reported the sighting to UFOlogist group ‘OpenMinds’, who are currently investigating.

“The object appears to be cylindrical and shiny. It moves quickly and steadily from the bottom left of the screen to the upper right,”  said Alejandro Rojas, radio host for Open Minds Radio.

Rojas speculated that the blurred object may be much closer to the camera than it appears, which causes the object to appear much larger than in reality.

“In many cases such as this, birds and bugs are mistaken for something more mysterious,” he said.

“Motion blur cause the object to appear elongated and large, like a giant flying saucer. However, often in those cases wings flapping cause the object to look like it has ridges or multiple appendages.

“That effect cannot be seen in this video. I uploaded a version of the video slowed down to 10 per cent,” he added.



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