British Woman Claims House Haunted By Children’s Ghosts


A woman from Cornwall, England has claimed her house is haunted by two children, who appear wandering in the middle of the night.

Merryn Tuner, from Launceston, said she noticed paranormal activity within weeks of moving into her home.

The mother of three and her partner told a local news source that they have witnessed several spooky goings on, including singing, noises, items mysteriously moving around the house, and the flickering of lights.

“We initially thought it was because it was new to us and we were just getting settled in – we didn’t have carpets at that point as well so things had more of an echo,” she said.

Tuner also claims to have heard knocking at her bedroom door and a voice calling ‘mummy’, which she initially thought was there own daughter—until she was discovered fast asleep in her own room.

“It’s not horrible it just makes me jump. Going up the stairs I keep getting shivers down my spine,” said Tuner.

The family have tried to contact the previous tenants, to find out more about the history of the building.

She has also said that the family will consider seeking ‘professional help’ if the occurrences continue.


Earlier this week, the Canadian Ambassador for Ireland also reported paranormal activity at the official residence.

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