Huge Crop Circles Discovered in Essex, England

Aerial footage has emerged that captures massive crop circles in the English countryside.

They have appeared following a spate of UFO sightings after the recent solar eclipse.

The mysterious patterns, near Rochford, England, were spotted by a dog walker and reported to local news.

A local drone pilot, Norm Bright, was then able to capture them in full, after obtaining special permission to fly his craft over the fields.

Some locals have speculated that the formations are somehow linked to the recent eclipse seen across the USA, believing them to be the work of extraterrestrials, whilst others have dismissed them as no more than opportunist vandalism.

David Meade, author of the book Planet X – The 2017 Arrival and noted Nibiru Cataclysm theorist,  goes a step further, referring to the Essex circles as “clearly extra-Biblical revelations”.

Due to the similarity between the symbols in the crop formations and the ancient Sumerian language—from where Nibiru Cataclysm theory is said to originate—Meade believes the end of the world may soon be upon us.





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