Russian Man Digs Up Girlfriend’s Corpse as She ‘Stalked His Dreams’

Russian Graves
Photo Credit: Gaetano Virgallito

A man has been arrested in Russia for digging up the grave of his dead girlfriend and burning her coffin, in a bid to stop her ‘haunting him’.

The incident occurred in Menschikovo village, Kurgan region, 1,075 miles east of Moscow.

30-year-old Yuriy Golovin claimed his former girlfriend, Olga Gileva, was tormenting by him by ‘stalking his dreams’.

Golovin reportedly sought the advice of a local sorceress, who advised him that he could rid himself of his former lover’s spirit by destroying her grave.

According to Russian media, the disturbed grave was then spotted by a friend of Olga’s, Oleg Ivanov, when he came to visit the cemetery.

Ivanov said it looked like a man had been sleeping in the grave.

It is unclear whether Golovin had an accomplice assist him with desecrating the girl’s grave, as detectives have also arrested a 23 year-old man in connection with the incident.

Olga Gileva is believed to have committed suicide by hanging herself in 2012.

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