British Ufologists Investigate ‘Alien’ Mummies


Two British-based ufologists have travelled to Peru to investigate the findings of supposedly extra-terrestrial remains in an ancient Nazca tomb.

Steve Mera and Barry Fitzgerald mounted an expedition to see if there was any truth in the outlandish claims reported in national media earlier in 2017.

The claims centre around the finding of humanoid mummies in a 1,800 year-old Peruvian tomb.

In a video documenting their investigation, the duo also revealed that those responsible for discovering the mummified ‘aliens’ also claimed to have witnessed live entities inside the tomb.

There was then said to be a mysterious metal that could be folded and return to its original shape—much like that found in the Roswell incident.

“This foil that unfolds itself – some of this was found and sold for only $8,000 to someone in Asia,” said Mera.

The pair were also told during an interview that the area around the tomb had a “strong electromagnetic field”.

The finding of five mummified ‘alien’ remains was reported in national media in June 2017, after the website published images of the remains.

It is believed by many to be an elaborate hoax, as sceptics have pointed out the remains appear to be made from plaster.

X-rays, allegedly of the mummies, show that they are in fact composed of bones, but Nigel Watson, author of the UFO Investigations Manual, told the Daily Mail: “This seems to be a plaster cast over a bone structure with three fingers attached to the hands.”

None of the claims have yet been verified by a reliable source.

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