Ginger Rogers’ Ghost Haunts Former Home

Ginger Rogers

The new owner of Ginger Rogers’ former home has claimed it is haunted by her ghost.

Marge Padgitt, who recently purchased the old Hollywood star’s childhood house in Missouri, told a weekly magazine that she has witnessed the spirit of the late actress.

“I was standing in the room she was born in and I felt this presence,” said Padgitt.

“I [watched] a foggy mist turn into a woman in a ball gown that looked like Ginger. She had a pleasant look on her face,” she added.

Rogers was born in Independence. She found fame in Hollywood and enjoyed a lasting career in film and television from the 1930s until the late 1980s.

She died in 1995.

While many may be sceptical of Padgitt’s claim, fans of Rogers will have the opportunity to see for themselves.

Padgitt added she was turning Rogers’ former home into a museum in hopes of preserving her Hollywood legacy.

“I get the feeling she’s happy we’re doing this,” said Padgitt.

Ghost hunters have previously been to the address to attempt to make contact with the ghost.

It is likely that this pre-opening publicity will do no harm to future visitor numbers.

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