Australian UFO Captured on Camera 

UFO Melbourne
Photo Credit: Ralph & Roy Keane

A father and son have captured ‘cystal clear’ images of a UFO, flying over Melbourne Australia.

Roy and Ralph Keane were in their garden when they spotted the strange object in the sky, which they claim remained hovering for some thirty minutes.

The pair captured two images, which were then sent to UK-based ufologist, Phillip Mantle to investigate.

A note was included which explained that the camera was adjusted between photographs, due to changing weather. This explains the difference in brightness between the two images.

They also claimed that the UFO moved each time they took a photograph, apparently reacting to their observation.

UFO Melbourne 2
Photo Credit: Ralph & Roy Keane

Mantle, who is retiring from the UFO conference scene, enlisted the help of a photography expert, Winston Keech, to conduct a detailed analysis of the images.

“Using extreme gamma adjustments and edge detection algorithms – no supporting wires or other linear edge features were found… so the object is not suspended by wire – as the cloud contrast is good, this would have been found,” Keech said.

“This does appear to be a solid reflective object that is unsupported in mid-air. Due to the high shutter speeds used, it may well be moving at reasonable speed without any discernible image blurring,” he added.

Earlier in August, another UFO was seen in the skies over eastern Australia.

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