Second ‘Ghost’ Pictured at Pentridge Prison, UK.


pentridge ghost 1
Photo Credit: Emily Widjaja

A tourist has captured an image of an apparent ghost, lurking in the cells of an abandoned prison.

The sighting is the second reported in recent weeks.

Emily Widjaja had taken a tour of the site a few months ago, but recently noticed a haunting figure when looking back at her photographs.

The image seems to show a figure looking into the cells.

Widjaja claims there was no one else in the frame when the photo was taken, speculating that the figure could only be that of a ghost.

‘I had to look twice as I thought someone from the tour was standing by, but it wasn’t. We spotted a ghost’, she said.

It follows another picture, taken by Jodie Bezzina on Friday September 1, that seems to capture an apparition in the background.

Pentridge Ghost 2-4849474-A_Melbourne_sightseer_has_been_left_spooked_after_a_chilling_pho-a-9_1504481675179
Photo Credit: Jodie Bezzina

Pentridge Prison housed some of the Victorian era’s most dangerous criminals. It was permanently closed in 1997.

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