Mystery Texas Sea ‘Monster’ Baffles Scientists 


The remains of a mystery, fang-bearing sea creature have washed up on a Texas beech, following Hurricane Harvey.

The large carcass was found on a spot in Texas City during clean up operations. Conservationists have no idea what it is.

Pictures of the remains were widely shared, after being posted online by member of conservation group the National Audubon Society, who spotted the creature.

“I was out on the Texas coast after Hurricane Harvey, assessing sites to see how they’d fared after the storm with a team of folks from Audubon Texas,” said the group’s social media manager, Preeti Desai.

“On first glance it looked like something from the deep sea to me. My initial thought was it might be a sea lamprey but when I got close I realized there was no way that was what it was, particularly based on the mouth,” she continued.

Desai took to Twitter to invite biologists to help identify the remains.

Most experts speculated that it was probably a species of eel.

Though several other posters denied this, claiming instead that it was a kind of deep sea fish.

Carcasses washed up on beeches are often bloated and badly decomposed. This makes even familiar species almost unrecognisable and can lead to wild speculations.

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